Defending your Teen

Defending your teen: Parent education program

Defending Your Teen

A program developed by DARE Officer of the Year 2013, Timothy Shoemaker

Dear Parent,

Navigating the teen years can be formidable. You probably have wondered about the potential risks your child will face. Alcohol, tobacco or illicit drug use, dangerous driving, sexual activity are a few of the possible risk. Maybe even the pressures of the school, sports or just fitting in.

You may worry that you're no longer the most influential person in your child's life. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Your child needs your influence and guidance now more than ever.

For this reason, I have placed links containing a segment of a five part parenting program called, “Defending Your Teen” on my school wires and in emails to River Dell parents. While the focus of the series is maintaining a drug free life style, parents will develop skills to improve communication, set boundaries, and improve decisions making when interacting with their teens. Each segment is designed to provide a brief overview (8-12 minutes) of a topic that can be viewed right from your computer.

I hope you enjoy the series. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


Derek Giorgio
Student Assistance Counselor

Video 1: How Things Have Changed -

Video 2: Supporting Drug Free Decisions -

Video 3: Detecting Drug Use -

Video 4: Diagnosing Drug Use -

Video 5: Responding to Drug Use -

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